News: DECRA awarded to Centre Researcher

November 5, 2014

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Dr Caitlin Byrt, has been awarded a Discovery Early Researcher Career Award (DECRA) from the Australian Research Council to be undertaken at the Centre’s UA node. The award is $354,000 over three years commencing in 2015.

The Centre would like to congratulate Caitlin on this wonderful achievement, well done Dr Byrt!

Caitlin’s Project Summary:
Title: Engineering enzymes controlling plant polysaccharide properties
This project will aim to use data to define how the synthesis and interconversion of nucleotide sugars is regulated and how this controls the properties of arabinoxylan in economically important plants. Dietary consumption of arabinoxylan reduces chronic diseases. Additionally, the attributes of arabinoxylan influence the cost of processing plant biomass. However, genetic control of the properties of the plant polysaccharide arabinoxylan is unresolved. A major control point in the partitioning of carbon from photosynthesis into arabinoxylan is the activity of sugar nucleotide interconverting enzymes. To characterise these enzymes, genomic, glycomic and enzyme kinetic data will be combined and the target enzymes will be modified in transgenic plants.

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