Centre’s Research Showcase #pcw2018

October 12, 2018

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The Centre of Excellence held an event in Adelaide to showcase seven years of fundamental breakthrough research, unlocking the mysteries of plant cell wall formation.

Initially led by Professor Geoffrey Fincher, it was established in 2011.  Then under the leadership of Professor Vincent Bulone since January 2015, the Centre of Excellence has powered ahead with fundamental breakthroughs which show great promise for advances in agricultural biotechnology and crop improvement; nutrition, food quality and gut health; industrial crop processing; bioenergy; crop protection; and environmental sustainability.

During the event, a Twitter presentation was also aligned which highlighted the fundamental breakthroughs of ARC CoE PCW –  Twitter Schedule – #pcw2018.

Having the Centre of Excellence’s formal funding period completed in December 2017, the wrap up of its research, education programs and its reporting obligations continue during 2018.