Centre success in recent ARC Linkage round

May 11, 2016


Prof M. Gidley, Prof V. Bulone & A Prof J. Stokes

Prof. Vincent Bulone, Prof. Mike Gidley and A/Prof. Jason Stokes have recently been awarded Linkage Grants for 2016. The three independent projects, worth $1.71 million over 3 years, build on work produced in the CoE.

Prof. Bulone’s project continues an existing collaboration with Carlsberg Breweries, and brings in new partners Coopers Brewery and La Trobe University. The new project will examine the content and properties of spent grains to understand how these carbohydrate- and protein-rich resources can be converted into valuable by-products for the brewing industry.

Prof. Gidley’s project will define how resistant starch functions in the human gut to resist digestion, which will ultimately enable breeders and food manufacturers to tailor starch structure to optimise human health benefits. Industry partners for this project are Arcadia Biosciences and Ardent Mills.

A/Prof. Stokes will work with Fonterra R&D to develop new techniques to measure food texture. Improving the sensory perception of low-fat / high-protein dairy products will increase consumer acceptance of these healthier food options.