Back to back papers for Centre staff

June 29, 2017
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Researchers at the Victorian node of the Centre, and Dr Carolyn Schultz (who just completed a 1 year sabbatical with the Adelaide node) have recently published back to back papers in the Plant Physiology Journal. The first paper, titled “Pipeline to Identify Hydroxyproline-Rich Glycoproteins“, is an innovative bioinformatics pipeline to identify and classify a plant-specific […]

New paper in The Plant Journal

June 28, 2017
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Adelaide researchers affiliated with our Centre have recently published a novel method to isolate individual tissues from mature and germinating barley grains. Germination is a highly complex process that involves many interactions between various tissues within the grain and this new technique allows, for the first time, germination to proceed in an intact grain before […]

Discovery of how healthy cereals can lower heart disease

December 7, 2016

Professor Mike Gidley and lead researcher Dr Purnima Gunness from our Queensland node, have identified a new mechanism for how healthy cereals such as oats reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood stream, thereby lowering the risk of heart disease.  This could help reduce heart disease and boost nutrition security – the access to […]

Genes Identified in Defence Against Powdery Mildew

September 19, 2016
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An international research team has identified two genes which could help protect barley against powdery mildew attack. Led by the University of Adelaide in Australia and the Leibniz-Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) in Germany, the research will give plant-breeders new targets for developing lines of barley with resistance to powdery mildew. […]

Sleepy Gene in Barley Identified

May 31, 2016
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Two members of the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls at the Waite Campus of the University of Adelaide have teamed up with Japanese colleagues to identify a dormancy gene in barley.  Professor Geoff Fincher and PhD student Julian Schwerdt are co-authors on a paper published by the group in Nature […]

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