Biofuel from grape waste

August 20, 2015

Centre PhD Student, Kendall Corbin’s research onĀ grape marc being used as a biofuel has recently been published in the journal, Bioresource Technology.

The paper, “Grape marc as a source of carbohydrates for bioethanol: Chemical composition, pre-treatment and saccharification“, discusses how the leftover grape waste (skins, stalks and seeds) from wine-making could be fermented to produce bioethanol.

Global wine production leaves an estimated 13 million tonnes of grape marc waste each year. Nationally it is estimated that several hundred thousand tonnes are generated annually and it is generally disposed of at a cost to the winery

“Grape marc is readily available, can be sourced cheaply and is rich in the type of carbohydrates that are easily fermented,” says Adelaide Node Leader, Associate Professor Rachel Burton.

University of Adelaide Media Release