Executive Management Committee

The Executive Management Committee (EMC) consisted of the Chief Investigators and two International Partner Representatives. The Australian members of the EMC and the Project Leadership Team met fortnightly by video-conference. The full EMC met in conjunction with the quarterly Centre Scientific Meetings.

The EMC monitored progress against the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) agreed with the ARC and had developed a detailed research plan and associated research structure to ensure that:

  • Centre staff were familiar with research objectives.
  • The full range of expertise and experience captured by the Centre was fully used at all staff and student levels.

Central to EMC activities was the integration of the three Australian nodes and the attendant high levels of effective communication, together with the effective engagement of our seven international Partner Investigators.

Through regular reports from the PLT and the Scientific Meetings, where individual research scientists and postgraduate students formally presented their research results to the entire group, the EMC structure facilitated the continuous review of research performances of groups and individuals against milestones.