Prospective Students

Through each collaborating university, the Centre of Excellence periodically offers a range of scholarships to outstanding students wishing to undertake research aimed at advancing fundamental scientific understanding of plant cell wall biology. These are available as:

  • Summer Research Scholarships, 6-8 weeks
  • Honours Scholarships
  • Post Graduate Research Supplementary Scholarships
    with the opportunity to work with our international partners

Our research projects provides students with world-class training in areas such as molecular biology, biotechnology, comparative genomics, microscopy, bioinformatics and plant transformation in a vibrant, supportive and well-resourced environment.  

Project options will be in areas such as:

  • Human health (dietary fibre and disease prevention)
  • Molecular basis for food quality
  • Food bio-materials and processing
  • Sustainable biomass production for food security (grain quality and plant disease resistance),
  • Energy biomass conversion (biofuels)
  • Molecular mechanisms for the synthesis of individual cell wall components
  • Structural organisation of cell wall components and networks
  • Remodelling of wall networks during normal growth and under stress

Successful candidates will be expected to be eligible and highly competitive for an Australian Postgraduate Award, International Postgraduate Research Scholarships or one of the various University Scholarships provided by the collaborating universities.

Enquiries about project opportunities can be directed via email in the first instance to or to the relevant CI at each node (please indicate preferred project area).

General university candidature and scholarship enquiries can be directed to the relevant university via the links below.

The Centre will provide opportunities to participate in Centre Scientific Meetings, nodal and cross-nodal mentoring groups, information sessions and other Centre activities including outreach and community engagement.

For updated information on scholarship or other opportunities, refer to "News & Events